Thursday, August 20, 2009

A day in the park

Had to go over to the old neighborhood today to check on the tenant and decided to take a spin through the park and grab some classic grub from the stand. Humboldt Park can get sketchy at the wrong time, that's why I like it, but it also brings the goody goody.

Stopped at my favorite stand for some chicharrones, Wil you know you miss this shit.
Minnow just kinda did her thing without acting up so I took her down by the water for a tease.
Real nice afternoon in the park with my friend.


WorD said...

I miss dem Rican skins more than them pig skins...haha

B Harlow said...

you know that shit was everywhere, High Gloss hot pant madness.

Ckurpius said...

you aint had chicharrones until you've had them from New Mexico.