Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Hard Drive Meltdown

So invite a few cool people over, eat pizza, and listen to vinyl.

NewDog agrees, A house with no computer is pretty chill.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Sunday Cruise'n

I finished my 1700 mile trip on the Locust and parked it for the night.  The next day I throw a leg over her and with the the very first pull of the clutch lever my clutch cable snaps!  Fellas...... my chopper karma must be in check!  Anyway on Sunday I was look'n to ride but there weren't any two seaters available..... so I told Haley to jump in the side car and lets go for a ride.  

Today I cleaned up The Locust and replaced the clutch cable.  We're headed to So Cal tomorrow and I know how they like their bikes clean over there...... I did my best.    

They sidecar is a 1979 on a 79 FHL my dad got for my little sis..... but she'd rather sit on the back. It may be headed for the chopping block soon!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Cycle Zombies

The Stopnik Family has never been anything but hospitable and genuine to us when we get to spend time in CA. Their eye for bikes and love for life makes them a complete trip to be around. Josh and myself are looking forward to sharing some miles and some laughs with you guys this weekend.

The crazy folks over at VBS shot some really wild footage with them that you definitely need to watch. It totally bums me out that when we get back from this trip the bikes are slowly gonna get put away for the winter tear downs. Keep it up fellas and we'll see you in a couple days.

the Death Traps MC sends some love




see you boys soon!
The DTMC are some pals of ours in Sonora CA. We've been trying to meet half way in the middle of the country for years but our season always seems to be ending when theirs is beginning. Real dudes on real bikes riding them the way their supposed to be ridden. Jonathon sent over these pics that their friend Holly took at the Grass Valley Roll In. Keep the rubber side down and I hope your boys aren't locked up for too long. Check out their website for some knowledge and what their all about. One day man, we're gonna make this ride happen, Bighorn.
Photos: Holly Anderson

Johnny The Fox

Somewhere on the waterfront
Johnny's hiding with a gun
Swears he'll kill any man that tells his story
He's not sorry for what he's done

He broke into a drugstore
To cure his daily need
He didn't mean to shoot the guard
But he was blinded by the greed

Oh Johnny

You see that nun, she's his sister
She doesn't know that he's gone bad
When they told it to his father
It drove the old man mad

Just as his mother warned him
From her dying bed
It's alright to lose your heart
But never lose your head

Oh Johnny

Now the cops have got him surrounded
And he doesn't stand a hope
He wonders how he could be in so much trouble
Over just a little dope

Five to one he gets away
That's the odds I'm going to give
Five to four they blast him away
Three to one he's going to live

Oh Johnny

Back in the alley where he was slain
I thought I heard something move
Beside the trash can lay a heart and chain
The picture had been removed

Just another juiced up junkie
Looking for a bed
It's alright to lose your heart
But never lose your head

Oh Johnny

Thin Lizzy

The Wizard's Sleeve

Monday, September 21, 2009

Alex Gvojics shots of the Country Mile

Alex made the Mile this year for his first time around and also proved everybody wrong by being the first and only British bike to ever make the Mile from start to finish. Hats off to you pal and thanks for the pics and the smoldering tomahawk.

Easy on the eyes......

Sorry.... I've been without the internet for a while........

Check out this blog...... Although I can't read it....... I enjoy it.... If you go there.... You will see images such as these......

Click on this Daikoube

Later Brad

Brad has been staying in Chicago for the last couple of weeks but it's time for him to carry on. He sold his home in Louisville and everything he owned to take on a life on the road for a bit. He's heading out to Denver in the morning. Be safe pal.
Brad's been having friends from all over the country sign his tank on his way through so naturally Mitch had to give him a Chicago memory.
Trying to win the old 6 saltines in less than a minute challenge while Eugene watches the clock.
After the Country Mile Brad decided he needed a little more comfort for the long hauls ahead and made some changes during his stay. Eugenes trying it on for size.
Love the K model drum brake.
Unfortunately Brad I think this is just the beginning of questionable weather in your future. Good luck friend, Be wise and we'll see you next summer.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Finger tips to collar bones

Took the alleys home tonight as usual in order to avoid the drunk and beligerent packs of gathering hyenas. The alleys are where the desperate and nauseated thrive out of pure desperation and this is where situations arise. There is a sense of survival of the fittest among those that truly own this town versus those that exist here. The Marlboro pulls harder and the urine smells stronger, this is reality.

I ended up at another 4 am bar with a couple of pals catching up on old times and finding out what the night still holds for a couple of slightly worn yet still charmed men. The Sam Cooke songs rang through the bar with memories of mom n pop telling stories of growing up in Detroit when a young lady pulled up to order a drink with the confidence of a battleship. I slowly dragged my head over my shoulder out of curiosity of this raspy voice only to find a perfect hand leading to the thin and delicate arm of an innocent young woman with a smile that could end a war. The kind of arm that instantly signifies a trim ankle with sticks to match. A Sox cap covering a head of sandy blonde hair tethered together in a precisely worn braid. One tooth out of place and no idea how she is ruining every man plastered in their stools. We take up in small talk of Sox vs. Tigers baseball that leads to soft squeezes of the forearm and heavy laughter followed by eye contact that lasts too long.

She's from the deep south side of Chicago, deep enough to not give a fuck about what happening neighborhood you live in or what kind of hustle you can feed her. She's having fun right now that's all she cares about because she's more real than you and she knows the secret to life without knowing it. Everything is natural, no intimidation, no unecessary sweating just easy fun with one of the most natural creatures you've ever been graced with. She starts singing along to the hits coming from the box on the wall further blowing your mind with knowledge of B sides that only your father should know. Every smile with the crooked tooth breaks you down further and further until you feel limp with awe. Smokey Robinson hits the air while one of her hands falls on your knee while the other presses lightly to her chest. Her eyes close while her head tilts back as though this song has given her the deepest breathe she has ever taken.

Choose your own adventure. Turn to page 156 if you decide to take a train deep south or page 78 if you push too hard and leave yourself typing on your computer. Just remember, nothing lasts forever.

/;Picture is of my favorite item for sale at the Davenport swap meet.

Friday, September 18, 2009

Tony Bag 'o' Donuts sums it up

Go to the donuthole and get a great perspective of a first timers run on the mile. He sums it up beautifully through his stories and photos in a day by day tour of sorts. Tony is about as good as it gets when it comes to humans and it was an honor to have him on The Mile.

wheels on weed

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Country Mile III

There are only a few runs/events that I really look forward every year and the Country Mile is number one on my list. No bullshit..... just a great group of friends ready for anything that steps in their path. No attitude just great spirits and great bikes. There's never a plan... the only plan is to make it around Lake Michigan..... what happens in between goes down in history. I was very pleased with the way my bike ran. I had very minor problems beside burning through 17 quarts of oil, adjusting points and losing an exhaust pipe rolling out of the gas station after my temporary mount broke. Everything was perfect.... the roads, the weather and the guys that were a part of it. By the end of my trip I put on about 1700 miles and used 26 quarts of oil. I can't wait to tear it apart this winter and make everything perfect.

The geese flew south as we pressed north




Dirt riding is my favorite

Mushroom laced blunts

Tony Bag O Donuts

Wolf Lake

Every 70 miles

Alex monkeying around

Killing time on some curvy back roads

Warren Bouncing

I'm sorry group "B" that you had to miss this....... but it was the most amazing part of the whole trip. The sign said dead end so we took it. Parked our front tires in the water and took in the beautiful sunset.

Joe and Mitch indulged in some fresh Lake Michigan water

We found this little nook down some dirt rode and set up camp

"Johnny (Yard Sale) Ratchet"

Mackinaw Bridge

Cody parting sea's

Rob and Brad paused on the beach


Watching over us


I hopped on the back of Freedom's bike for a second to see what it was all about.


A dream that came to real life

Mitch Crystals eating sunsets

Brad tightening up his bike before hit'n the last leg of the trip

Brian and Alex