Sunday, August 16, 2009

One hell of a night

So I went to a wedding last night and ended up in all sorts of a jam. My pal married this Syrian girl and had a huge traditional Syrian wedding downtown that was absolutely off the charts. Once again the foreigners prove to have so much more soul and flavor than Americans could ever have. Just saying. Anyway, the shindig is in full swing and people are losing their minds with snake charming flutes and drums and veils and all that great shit going on when I feel the most tender squeeze on the back of my arm from one of the most precious creatures I'd ever laid eyes on.

Let's backtrack for just a minute here. So last summer another pal of mine got married at the Ritz in Laguna Beach which was absolute tip top perfection. I met this girl there from Miami,FL and we took it down to the sand in stellar fashion, making memories and all sorts of other good stuff. Of course I'm in Ca visiting and she's no regular to my parts of the country so we just let it be. Well sure enough to my surprise she shows up at the wedding last night with a boyfriend. This guys actually really nice but kinda wahwah(make the noise) at the same time, so anyway we keep kinda sneaking off to the bar to chat and make eyes and shit. So the wedding wraps up and we all go back to the W hotel downtown and this dude is really just in my way now so I walk by and whisper to the gal "meet me by the bathrooms in 3". I'm waiting by the door and she comes up, grabs my hand and hits the elevator button. Love this girl, so tough. We go to the top floor and start opening doors which lead to a mechanical room which led to the roof. We get up there and take full advantage of the view of the city and the privacy of the rooftop for what felt like 20 minutes or so but it turns out it was like hours. Anyhow, phones start blowing up and apparently this dude has called the cops while my buddies downstairs are like cool out man, I'm sure she's fine, just relax.

Meanwhile I'm trying to get this precious perfection to go sleep on the beach with me and we'll deal with this drama later, I mean this is heavy lust at it's best here. No go, so we bail in seperate elevators and arrive downstairs to one apparently fired up boyfriend who she grabs up and splits with before I get down and my buddies shaking their heads in disapproval. By now I've convinced myself that I'm sleeping on the beach so I split for the sand.

Get down to the beach and the bums are relentlessly bugging the shit out of me and the tractors are combing the sand so I hike up to the docks. I get down by the tourist boats and hop the fence for a bed on one of the double decker boats. Man I'll tell you what, that boat rocking back and fourth and the clear skies to go with the scent and memory of one of my favorite females on earth led me to the sweetest calm a city night can offer.

Woke up to the beating sun and cotton mouth like no other, hailed a cab and here I am. Now I kinda feel like a Dick cause that dude came all the way from Miami with his girl for a fantastic weekend and my poor decision making kinda ruined his trip but whatever man, get your own wave, I saw her first. No, that's not cool but it is what it is and that's all that it is. We're all adults and sometimes that's just the way shit goes down.

Next up, one flight to Miami. This dude and his bros are gonna kill me. Fun


Kevin "TEACH" Baas said...


WorD said...

Stooopid oh and thanx for the drunk dial in the middle of the whole episode. u knew i could totally appreciate it huh... my boy

Kid Kurpius said...

Hey.... sometimes you just gotta do what you gotta do. I typically won't get with a girl if she's with some one but since I've shaved the beard I have found out that every girl I've kissed since..... has had a boyfriend. Sometimes you just have to be the dick I guess. Yeah..... You'll have to hear the message you left on my phone at 3:45 am. I'm surprised you could pull anything off considering how drunk you sounded on the phone.

Mitch Cotie said...

Jeezuss! What a slut you are Brian; I thought I was the only one you called at 4am this morning. ha ha. Just kidding buddy. Sounds like a night to remember fo sho.

Anonymous said...

Let me know the local in Miami... I know people.


AshleyR said...

i knew that girl was the reason you were so deadset on staying for the wedding. well, you missed friday night at the lake when daria crawled in bed with louie and me and we couldn't wake her up. slept there all night, wrapped in our blanket and snoring in her bra and panties. hahaha. you called louie's phone too, btw.

TwistyMcFisty said...

Great story. Thanks for sharing. Go claim her for your own.