Friday, August 14, 2009

Lack of Posting

I haven't been posting much. I really don't have that much new artwork to share right now. BUT I have been drawing my ass off, I just can't share it with anyone outside of the studio right now. I've been cranking out a ton of new concepts everyday for the past few months, but if I showed them to you, I would have to kill you. So I promise to share em with you when I get the green light from the Boss. So when my day at the studio is finished, I really don't feel like drawing that much. So that's my excuse for not showing new shit, and why the stuff that I promised clients has been taking me forever to finish.

To give you an idea of what the hell I'm doing I'll share some concepts that I did for Wizards of the Coast and the Wolverine Movie Game while I was at Raven a few years ago.

This is one concept of about 20 creatures for the "Dreamblade" miniatures game at Wizards.

These are a couple of many environment concepts for the "X-Men Origins: Wolverine" game. At the time it was just called "Weapon X".

and this one is another Wizards of the Coast concept for the "Planeswalkers" an expansion of the Magic the Gathering card game.

So hopefully you get an idea of whats goin on. I'm not slackin I promise. It puts SPAM on the table.

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Kid Kurpius said...

This is some amazing shit!

Hey.... I need you to paint an experience had in Sturgis. It involves a full moon, a dirt path, a soft bed of tall grass, a long chopper, a low lying misty fog that tickles naked skin and a single mountain on the horizon line.