Friday, July 31, 2009


Surprised Mitch last night with some movie rentals and General Tsao's chicken from the old neighborhood. Woke up this morning and this dude's lost about 10 pounds the hard way. He got sick as a dog from the General. Accidental or premeditated? You be the judge.

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Turned my money green.....

I'm headed for Sturgis tomorrow so I flipped every cushion and checked every crack for any kind of spendable currency I could dig up. I now have eighty nine dollars and sixty five cents to make it to Sturgis and back. Unfortunately just because it only costs three dollars to fill my tank doesn't mean it's going to be any cheaper for me from start to finnish. I'm meeting Warren in Milwaukee then heading up to Teach's in Minnesota for a few hours of sleep. We'll take some backs roads across Minnesota and South Dakota and stop and visit Carl and Matt Olsen. Today I found that my generator and voltage regulator is junk ..... but happened to find a generator and regulator in a little stash pile I have and it seems to be charging now. I'll catch you'll on the flip side!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Keino visits Genoa.....

It's very rare to actually have a friend drive or ride out to my place of residence. I couldn't make it into the city last night to hang at the lodge with keino and the guys as I have way to many things that have to get wrapped up before I tear up the highway to Sturgis. Keino said he would stop by on his way through...... I couldn't believe it. I get that feeling like I've been locked away from the world when I spend to much time out here..... then when some one says they are going to trek out to visit me it's like seeing that first human on your return to earth. It really does mean a lot to me when a friend from the motorcycle world stops by..... very few have..... It was great to see you again Keino.

I met Keino at the truck stop off the highway and realized he had a knock so I said lets head back to the shop and look at it there. It pulled fine as we thought it might be the trans. At the shop there was a whole new noise that sounded worse than before. Sounded like gravel in the trans. There was disappointment as transmission shops were called. Finally a friend Bill called a guy he knew that was a good honest trans man and he said he'd be right over to look at it. Well..... Keino started it up and there was no noise at all. The knock ended up being the catalytic converter but we couldn't get it to make the clattering noise again.

The trans guy.... can't remember his name or his shop at the moment showed up in this! He took the van out for a drive and said everything seemed fine so off to Sturgis Keino went.

He made it as far as Minnesota until he found the real problem. It was the solenoid feeding power to the starter and not shutting off. It became a made dash for the tools to disconnect the battery but it was to late..... the battery was fried. He's getting it taken care of and doesn't plan on stopping till he hits the Sturgis County Line

Swazi House

About 3 houses down from the Lodge lies this masonry wonder. There's actually quite a few of these scattered throughout the neighborhood. Not my bag but I know some of you out there get off on it. To each his own, it's far better than some tasteless condos.

Keino and the Lodge

Mitch got a call from Keino yesterday asking if he could park his trailer and crash for the night on his way to Sturgis. Got his rig all tucked away in the shop and spanned a great summer night with one of the classiest guys I've met. Also got a peek at a couple of new bikes he's built which were a real treat and lesson in clean and mean machines. I believe the reality of the Lodge hit him upon entry but he was way into it. Kinda like camping in the city, but the price is right. Look forward to seeing him at the Brooklyn Invitational on September 19th. Good luck Keino, it was a pleasure.

"Free at last, I'm the past,
Undone in unknown prison,
I'm holding on. Peace and need?
A mouth to feed?
I'm standing way on the other side."

Lifer Nola Down

All Shook Up

After a long night of partying I left the city at about 4:30 sunday morning...... got home at about 6:30 am grabbed two hours of sleep then headed down to Sycamore for the car show. I met up with my good friend Bobby the Leg of King Kustoms and his dad. It was one of those family kind of car shows...... shit ton of cars.... just not to many that taste good in my opinion. I sat beneath a shade tree most of the day then headed back to my neck of the woods to shoot the 37 chevy. Bobby built this car for his dad... actually his dad has plenty of hours in on it too. What a great specimen..... you'd almost believe it is a surviver car.

Some shots from Bobby

The Minnow's first

Finally....... the minnow has hatched. Brian got handed the shitty end of the corn cob with his last job and has been working night and day to get it said and done. He's been piecing together the pan in between and not sleeping between all of that. On saturday we walked to the petro station got a gallon of gas and some blow pops. She spawned aggressively sounding meaner than I thought any Pan ever could. Brian threw a leg over and healed her into gear. It felt great to finally see him ride off on it. Ripped it though the alley ways and when it was time to stop..... he said.... "damn I just want to keep riding". If you have built your own bike you know the feeling. You got it running but know there are a few things that need tweaking before you can actually 'Really" ride.... but you want to keep riding it even if it could potentially kill you. At least that's how it was the first time I rhode my bike.

Gasoline and Blow Pops!

After Brian de-virginized her for a while he gave me his sloppy seconds...... damn.... I always end up with his sloppy seconds......

Brian..... grab those grape flavored spliffs and lets head to Wisconsin!

Monday, July 27, 2009

Sweet Saturday

Woke up to a beautiful day.

Since everyone was working thought I'd head over to the beach and relax a little.

After a long walk on the beach with no one to sing my sorrows too....... I headed back to the Lodge and confided in Kemosabe.
I chilled with Lisa and Johnny Ratchet until it was time for Ratchet to kick is pan and ride off into the sunset with his lady in tow.

Seems that I'm the guy always hauling peoples shit around. I only wish that some day I will be able to afford a Big Twin like this....... until then I will just enjoy handling them and pretending they are mine while they are in my possession.

Slippery Pete's Shovel

Gennaro get'n close to the end with the sportster project.

Slippery Pete working his gas tank.

Brian get'n legal

Rob smoking us out with his Triumph........

Out for a ride....... I think only two cylinders total were firing between these two bikes. They took turns firing from bike to bike. Sounded rad going down the road!

Sweet Thongs Bra!

Passed this headed up Lake Shore Drive Saturday morning.

Brand New Harley? check
Temporary License Plate? check
Cut off cargo Pants? check
Blaze'n Muscles? check
Sweet Tan? check
Cut off Sleeves? check
Affliction hat? check
Flip flops!?! check

Friday's at the shop

After I finished up the job at Mystic I headed to the shop. I drove my truck because I was packing photo equipment.... and of course.......the first time I don't ride my bike into the city everybody and their sister is out on the town and look'n for a good time. Sean offered up his shovel.... I was definitely not going to refuse the offer. The weather was great until I kicked that sickle over... then I started raining. We rhode up LSD...... lost Eugene.... turned around past him..... turned around again past him.... said screw it were going to the bar..... then decide to regroup at home base...... passed Brian and Joe headed to the bar..... turned around again ..... passed brain and Joe headed back to Home Base said fuck it this time we are really going to the bar. Had some drinks and got weeped on all the way back down LSD. It was great! Nothing much can compare to riding and motorcycle on a late night down Lake Shore Drive.

Slippery Pete beef'n up a swingid arm for a friend.

Panhead look'n to party

Eugene and his future Ex-bike

Eugene showing us that size does matter.

Righteous Containers.

A man that will do anything for a friend.

Slippery Petes frame stash

What....... The Brit's didn't make panheads?

Brian working hard..... but not on his pan.

Eugene Painted his frame to match the miller welder then painted his tank to match the fan.