Monday, August 17, 2009

Wednesday at Sturgis

I took my time getting out of my makeshift bed then headed to town for the Easyriders show.

Two sweet Ironheads with original Ness Structures.

While my bike was locked up in the show I walked down and checked out the AMD show

Much love for this bike. I was a little disappointed the first time I saw it because I had just acquired all the parts to build my bike and I thought.... Damn... he beat me to the punch. Not that my bike is at the level of this creation but the basic layout is similar.

Lock Baker...... At first I hated this bike but it grew on me very quickly..... I know it's weird but there is so much detail involved here.

These fuckers were everywhere.... and didn't feel to swell when they hit your face at 75 mph.

Kris Krome's Triumph

Dual Carb Pan

Our good friend Dave Cook won the AMD World Championship with this bike. If you only knew what went into this build you would shit yourself. I witnessed the stages of the build with my own to eyes..... fucking amazing! Started with a Honda four..... cut the trans off the back.... flipped it to run it inline.... and mated a BMW trans to the back of it. Model A up draft carb.... this thing is sick!

Hang'n out at the Easyriders Show at the little Spoke.

Winners of the Easyriders Show. It felt good to stand up there with Bacon, Panhead Billy and Brew. I think I won Best Sporty?

After the Easyriders Show we were invited to eat supper with Julie's parent's. They've been coming to Sturgis for over Twenty years. Julie's dad used to run the HD dealership in Villa Park, IL. before moving to Denver decades ago. He is a walking parts reference dictionary. Part numbers never spot spilling out of his mouth. Much respect for this man.....

Trying to get out of town.

I search of some grub

Bacon and Julie's dad agreed that my Front end looks really sketchy!

Bill showed up on the pan he has had for decades.

This snake was caught making its way across the camp site. This man wrangled him up and released him about twenty feet further down it's path. I doubt it ever came back......

The best meal of the whole trip! Julie's Pop can really cook up a delicious meal.

The typical Sturgis crawl

Headed back to the County Line

Dan and I rode to the top of the hill and had a conversation about life.

The giveaway bike was in dire need of being finished so everyone pitched in. It was amazing to work along side of guys like Sugar Bear, Teach, Taber and all the other guys that helped out Wednesday night.

Piece'n together the giveaway bike.

Later on things got a little out of hand. Burnouts and raw music fueled by alcohol!

infected knee

Julie and Whitney

The Night Brigade got rained out two nights in a row so they said fuck it.... we'll play right here in front of the Led Sled trailer.

Kevin figured he would finish his bike off.

A little fire to spice things up

Pat and Taber jigg'n

Sorry Mike..... I typically don't invite myself to sit on a bike that's not my own but your seat looked so inviting!

Homosexual Mini Bikers

Darren tried his Mini Bike out on the half pipe and misplaced his carburetor.

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