Sunday, May 29, 2011

Fresh Brown Eggs.

On his way home from work Slacker Mike saw the sign for Farm Fresh Eggs. It was a little farm on a gravel road in rural Boone County so he decided to stop in and grab a dozen. It was late friday evening and the little old lady was a few eggs short of a dozen. She seemed to really enjoy the uncommon company.... it was beginning to look as if the sign was put near the roadside more to lure a lonesome conversation than to sell her eggs. Long story short a trip was made to the chicken coop to fetch a few eggs to cap the dozen when Mike tripped over the front tire of this go cart walking through the door. The old lady said "oh... that damn thing.... I've been tripping over that for fourty years."

Mike walked out with a dozen eggs and a sweet new go cart.

Running on.....

.... borrowed tread

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Shiny Side Down

Word travels a bits slower out here in the farm fields. I just found out that Mitch was hit by a car in the city yesterday. After a sort stay in the hospital he made his way back to the shop. He had just put a new front end on his bike which now completely mangoled...... at least he is ok. Downtown Chicago is a pretty gnarly place to ride a motorcycle... it's only a matter of time before you get clipped by a car. This is Mitch's only means of transportation and he rides it to work everyday.... rain or shine.... sleet or snow... he plays roulette on a daily basis.

I hope your pains subside soon.

Monday, May 23, 2011


There's not much I love more than lonely roads and a violent thunderstorm....

75 mile an hour winds.... tornados.... hail.... rain.... it was all there.

Friday, May 20, 2011

Matt Jackson

I met a lot of really nice people while I was in Austin..... Matt Jackson was no expection. We hit some backroads out to Dripping Springs and I grabbed a few snaps.
Jackson on his Genni
Matt also has a sweet little Panhead going together.
Imperial leaf and stripes

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Atomic Ice Vikings

For Trent
A couple of years ago I left Chicago for New Mexico in a 40 degree rain. Half way through Missouri, soaked to the bone, my uncontrollable shivering was making it impossible to control my bike. I called Trent to say that I couldn't make the trip any further. count me out.
He replied simply,
"Motherfucker you better find your inner Viking and get down here."
The following week of riding was amazing.
Inspiration surfaces in many forms

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Louisville... Derby Weekend

Louisville lets loose for Derby Weekend. Bars are open until 6 am and you can drink on the streets. We jumped in the back of Ivan's truck and got sloppy as soon as we arrived in Louisville. The next morning we headed over to Ivan's place which happened to be located three blocks from the track. We found ourselves in the mayhem of the infield just in time for the big event.

This is Kitty.... Ivan adopted him from Brad when he hit the road on his shovelhead.

Brad's bike was down so I hauled him around on the back of my bike. We got a little out of hand ripping across town but Brad was a good passenger.. he didn't pinch my side or cry when I popped wheelies
Kitty getting a little out of hand.
When Kitty gets out of hand Brad just shows him the testicles he once owned.
High Class


Before calling it a night a few of us hit the bar. As soon as we fired up the bikes it rained like I had never seen it rain before. Jerimiah's bike wasn't having the rain... steve was to drunk to keep his bike off its side and traffic was not moving. Splitting lanes and riding sidewalks gets pretty gnarly in a downpoor with zero visibility. It was every man for himself. Adilene is insane for riding along and loving every minute of it.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Two Day Bender

The party was on in Austin. We stayed two nights on Dale Watson's Tour Bus. Dale would set his alarm for bar closing time then come down and pick our drunk asses up. We can't thank him enough for the added great times in his town. Coffee in the morning, clean socks, movies on the bus and his soothing voice that would make for a good nights sleep. Dale is as good as they come.

Thanks Dale!

Dale plays shows just about every night in Austin unless he is on tour. Grab a Lone Star and check him out if you haven't already.

Chicken Shit Bingo.... The Little Longhorn Saloon.

While in Austin we all met up with Dale Watson for lunch. He was going be playing at the Little Longhorn Saloon later that afternoon so we followed him to the north end of town and checked it out. Free Hot Dogs.... Great Music.. and a chance to win cash playing Chicken Shit Bingo. Yep... if the chicken shits on your number you get the pot.

Texas Pride
Waiting for it to shit on my number
Rico and Scott Craig
Sean getting ready to party
Dale Rock'n out

The keeper of the chickens
Scott, Dan and Troy
More Texas pride

Felice and Bacon
Thanks Scott
We met these ladies at lunch so they decided to come too....
This chick was gnarly as hell.... from the South Side of Chicago... stab wounds to prove it.

Drinking Lone Star and showing off Scars
It got rowdy