Sunday, August 2, 2009

Donuts and Family

Bag O Donuts came down on Friday night for a weekend of good timing with friends and family.
The Minnow getting a charge for some up stream swimming.
Donuts and Sabrina catching up with Rob "you have a friend in metal" Hultz and Sean.
Drinks at the Matchbox with Genarro.
Eugene borrowing Sean's shovel for a ride out.
Turbo, Remis and his gal Hillary getting ready for a scoot.
Eugene bringing the shovel to life.

Turbo on his ripping evo sporty.
Donuts and crackerfires. Great weekend of hanging out and riding with old friends. Always great to see the bag o donuts and even better getting to do some riding together. Topped the weekend off with a Sweet Cobra show at the Beat Kitchen and some Lake Shore Drive cruising. Love ya Donuts, see you soon. Nice and mellow City weekend, a few miles, a few drinks and a few good friends.

1 comment:

Tony d. said...

thanks for the good times man! i shall return soon... and with Cabbage! i dont' think chicago is ready for the insanity that will ensue!