Monday, August 10, 2009

Litcher/Sugar Bear Run

It was a great time. A little ride to a horse ranch that was just over the horizon. Some big names showed up...... a little different than the crowd I'm used to but it was fun.

Caleb and JD showed up. It was great to see these guys again!

Caleb's not sure.

Three Legends! Sugar Bear, Michael Litcher, and Ron Finch.

Headed out.

It's a lot harder to sneak up on people with a ten foot chopper.

Chris Callen on the fifth Knucklehead to ever come off the assembly line.

Jay on his pan

This guy can really party!


Shooting Litcher shooting me!

Rod and Alicia

Beautiful women on a horse

Warren and Stacy grab ass'n

Sugar Bear rope'n a Dead Bull

Barrel racing the Locust....... at first Warren and I were the only ones to get street bikes out there. Geno later showed up and gave us an impressive show on his new bagger...... Flipped that some bitch right over!

Phil-Z riding it like he stole it!

Sugar Bear....... Much respect for this man.

Ron Finch!


Anonymous said...

dude! Sweet pics and so cool to see you guys.. Great time. The bike is the TITS MAN!!! love it.

Nick said...

That looks like an amazing time. I hate that I missed it.


wow sugar bear? timing IS everything...

mindpill said...

thanks for the photos......more like fine art....someday i`ll get there......

Brobeck said...

fuck, im super jealous. You guys are ruling it out there. great photos josh.