Saturday, August 8, 2009

What a night.

I drew fuckin monsters all day and wanted this night to fade away. It was raining like hell when I went into my other work tonight. Slippin and slidin in every fuckin intersection like I was on ice. My bike is a fuckin death trap in the rain. I had my usual bullshit fuckin rain gear on-- you know- full face helmet,gloves, jacket all the goddamn bullshit that safety minded motherfuckers wear just to take a shit every mornin. Anyway, I get to work and it takes me 20 minutes to get out of my monkey suit and get ready for a night at the door---a 6 hour, grueling mind fuck of pure D, chillin' the fuck out. Man, workin the door at The Village Tap is exactly what I need these days. Lettin' douche bag after douche bag in on purpose to let them hang out with some really cool people tucked away inside. Enough of that bullshit.

The night is almost over and I'm getting visions of me sittin' after work in front of my computer posting old, tired, sketches of mine because I haven't drawn new , personal shit in weeks. Those visions are quickly shattered when I see Genius and Ratchet pull up in front of The Tap on their choppers, looking like they just rode in from the Gulf Coast. This night could turn out pretty fuckin cool.

And you know what? It did. So now I post something to share with you but no fuckin pictures because Brian- who has a brand new, bitchen camera and can't take a shot, worth fuckin about, to save his ass- isn't with us.

I send a quick text to my woman because she fuckin rocks and I listen to Marshall Tucker and shut this shit down.
Oh and here is an old tired drawing.

Fuck ya


mindpill said...

your art is sick............i`m sure i`m not the first to tell you that but i said it. so be it. i rest.............

Mitch Cotie said...

Thanks man. I appreciate that.