Monday, August 31, 2009

A new destination

I didn’t think about you once in the UP cause I think you’d hate it up there. The roads have long and perfect curves, the sun does that flickering thing behind the soldier pines in the evening when you’re driving by, it smells like the crisp and wet flora and fauna only Michigan has, it’s full of super interesting people and it’s right next to Lake Superior. Basically everything you can’t stand. Anyway, right at the trail head out to little presque isle, I saw this map. There is also a “Freedom” gas station and food mart in town.

My close friend Miriam sent me this email, she has a really neat photo blog with some great stories. She's been on my case about the size of my passenger seats for a couple of years now. Next bike I promise you Miriam. Go visit her blog and read the stories or you'll be cheating

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Miriam said...

Hey, thanks for the post. I haven't quite figured out how to embed the audio files I was talking to you about, but I like trying. Can't wait to see the bike. Do you still have that buckle with the dove on it? Maybe you can put it somewhere.