Thursday, April 30, 2009

I'm Lodge'n

Slippery Pete headed up to his Babe Lair to attend to the nights catch. This was two weeks ago after the Free To Wander release party. After a crazy night of cat fights and motorcycle stunts I headed out to the lodge to grab a few hours of sleep before the next days swap meet. Couldn't find a place to park so I dropped Mitch and drove an hour and thirty minutes west and slept in a walmart parking lot for a few hours before scoring some sweet chopper parts!

I'm happy to be a part of the family!

Speed and Weed

Strait from my sketch diary.

Dragons Trailer from Dragons on Vimeo.

check out the tv show my buddies up in michigan are making.

...and camping

last years' weekend trip out to Galena and Savanna.


Mitch needs a bigger tarp. This set up works great for packing light. 1 tarp, 2 stakes and a bungee. That is until them squabbling raccoons try and get a piece of you.

DTMC and dIcE magazine

The DTMC are friends of ours and they do it like nobody else. Go to the Dice Magazine release party in Norcal and witness the truth. The Death Trap and Dice Magazine together, this is gonna be interesting.

Bacon n Eggs

Bacon and I packing through Milwaukee, going to Milwaukee Mikes for some chicken and a clutch cable. Bacon is building my pan motor for me, he builds some super correct period bikes. His knuckle is one of my all time favorites. I can't wait to see the new version.

Kid Kurpius

Josh Kurpius known to us as Kid Kurpius will be joining the kemosabe and the Lodge family. Family is exactly what he is to us and the lodge is his home away from home. The Kid is an unbelievably talented photographer and one of the most natural riders I have ever seen. He is down to ride any distance at any time as long as he gets to ride. There aren't too many guys his age logging the kind of miles he does and doing it with an abundance of style. Welcome kid and get the cheeseburger out of your pocket.

Joe and the Wolf

Welcome home pal. Joe spends the majority of his winters in Colorado, snowboarding and mountain mannin'. The air is warmer when he is home. it's better.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

RIP the post office

The Post Office was a shared motorcycle workspace in the city of Chicago. It was literally an old abandoned post office that produced great friends and memories along with some heavy machines. My friend Miriam took this picture at one of the parties we had. I dig it.


I had a dream last night that I was a wild horse ruling an island full of mares and we had bitchin bonfires with wine coolers and it was all tropical and shit. It ruled.

winter in Chicago

Josh Kurpius, Slippery Pete and Myself at the Shed party in Milwaukee. The beards begin to fall with the arrival of green leaves and blue skies.

Running on Empty

Monday night. Hangin out listenin to vinyl and breakin' the Lodge in. Ratchet, Lisa, Brian, Miriam, Blake, Alex, Jazzy, and myself.


Jr. and I somewhere in Wisconsin.

Fire on the mountain

photo by Josh Kurpius

The Heart is The Wedge

This is the heart of The Lodge. Rob "You've got a friend in Metal" Hultz, donated this bad little mutha to the Lodge. 1978ish Zenith Allegro Wedge.
So far, Jackson Browne- Running on Empty, side 2, gets played more than any other album.

Kemosabe and The Lodge

Ke-mo sah-bee
(pronounced kē′·mō·sâ′·bē; often spelled kemo sabe or kemosabe) is the term of endearment used by Tonto in the radio and television program The Lone Ranger, said to mean "trusty scout" or "faithful friend" in Potowatomi.
Fran Striker, the writer of the Lone Ranger scripts, said the actual expression was Ta-i ke-mo sah-bee, which he said meant "greetings trusty scout".

In this case, it is a word to describe the overall vibe of the Lodge. Good friends and good times.

The Geronimo painting was a gift to us from Joe. Cool fuckin gift. Thanks, Joe.

Welcome to The Lodge, the cabin in the city.