Thursday, August 20, 2009


Jr. has been my go to guy pretty much since I've been into cutting up bikes. His old man opened Warrens Cycle up in Round Lake IL back in '76 and still puts 'em out all year long. Sr's built my motors, rescued my ass on the side of the road and answered my ridiculous questions. I couldn't begin to tell you how absolutely wonderful Sr. and his beautiful bride Linda have been to myself and everyone of Jr's pals. No matter how covered in grease we were, Linda would always make us come in for dinner. They are everybody's adoptive parents and we LOVE you guys so much.

Jr. grew up in the shop and soaked it all in at a young age. He's the guy I call for the stupid questions and the ones with the oh shit answers. If you ever see our group riding I guarantee Jr. is up front leading the pack and the first guy getting his hands dirty on everybody's machine but his own, cause he builds 'em tight. He's built a bunch of stellar machines and has since branched out into the parts biz while also taking up with Dave, Colleen and JP up at Cook Customs in Milwaukee.

I am proud to use the term friend when talking about Jr. but would sooner refer to Sr., Linda, Kat, Stacie and Jr. as family. These are good people with huge hearts so get your bike up to Sr. at Warrens Cycle and buy some parts from Jr. while checking his blog, This is made in America mom n pop shit at it's best and I guarantee that you won't be let down.

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Warren Jr. said...

Thanks for the props Brian. Would not have it any other way!