Wednesday, March 30, 2011

I need to broaden my vocabulary.

Monday, March 28, 2011

Hey Fat Bob!

here's your sketch. Waiting for those pics so we can dial it in.

oh shit is this mic on?

you know that little white spot in bird shit?

It's bird shit too.


here's a new sketch



It aint got shit to do with bravetown

It aint got shit to do with the lodge

It's not what it was

It is what it is

That's how it was

Eternal Combustion

I tore my bike apart this past winter with high hopes and big plans only to find that time was short and the distance was long. I decided to throw it back together to have it running for the Lone Star Round Up in Austin this coming weekend. Not much has changed although I did address a lot issues that needed to be dealt with. I've been riding it for the last three days with temperatures in the 20's and 30's. Luckily Jason over at Eternal Combustion set me up with a Full Face helmet because riding in snowy cold is just not as fun without it. As I was planning my trip to Daytona I figured a full face helmet would make the ride more enjoyable so I ordered one up. I'm glad I did because we ran into just about everything mother-nature had to offer except for warm air and sweet sunshine. It will bite the frosty air, ease the pain of snow crystals on your lips and soften the sharp rain drops on your cheeks.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Monday, March 21, 2011

Super Glide'n

I stopped over at Mike's last night just in time to help Chris and his dad unload a Super Glide out of the van. It hadn't been ridden since 1985. Chris always talked about this Shovel that his dad had parked in the garage before he was born. He remembered climbing over it and seating on it in the garage as a child. Over the years car projects and over sweet finds were collected and stored to the point of almost completely burying the thing against the back wall of the garage. The day finally came to unbury it.

Chris' Sporty project.

After a great Fish Fry Feast over at Todd Tod's we threw a Carb on it... new plugs.... a brand new 30 year old battery... sanded the points... gave her a few kicks and she lit up. I took it for its first ride since the clutch plates where all locked up... but after a few rips up and down the road it freed up.

Mike is one of those guys that has too many projects. He finally pulled this one out from the corner. He scored it in the evo revolution when this junk could be had for peanuts. I've been trying to walk out with it a piece at a time but it looks like he caught on. Damn.. I should of grabbed the motor first.........


I made my way to the city this weekend and spent some good time with good friends. We pieced together some motorcycles, got rowdy at the bar then woke up this afternoon and ate bacon and Coca-Cola.

We also watched the follow up to The Dancing Outlaw..... Wild and Wonderful Whites of West Virginia

It all started with D. Ray White

His son..... Jesco brought attention to the White family as the Dancing Outlaw

Now more recently a documentary was put out with a focus on the White family Tree that I have to say is pretty interesting.

Friday, March 18, 2011

Could use.....

.....some of this remedy right about now.

Cool crisp clean air, sweet sunshine and smiles for miles

Monday, March 14, 2011

First Ride

I just returned home from a 3500 mile ride to the south and back. My pops and I were headed to Daytona but decided that there's no point in getting caught up in that cluster fuck. We just put that money in the fuel tank and burned miles while seeing places we haven't seen before. It's not often that I find myself headed through the southern states. Some places you see a million times... they just always happen to be on the way to the place you are headed. Because I live in Northern Illinois..... southern states such as Arkansas, Mississippi, Louisiana and Alabama are just never on the way to anywhere but there.... so this was a good chance to see these places.

Photo by Warren

We left out of Milwaukee in the freezing rain. I thought I was going to lose my man member do to frost bite. Had to stop at a gas station and grab hold of that sum bitch for some warmth but found it didn't help much since my hand was just as cold. I had never felt pain like that in this region before. Things thawed out and we hit the highway again. It was in the 20's when we left the next morning and it stayed cold and rainy the rest of the trip. I wont lie... it was pretty miserable but would do all over again it a heart beat. The good thing was that I was riding a brand new Harley Squishytail which was more like riding a magic carpet compared to my Panshovel. On this trip we saw Wisconsin, Illinois, Missouri, Arkansas, Mississippi, Louisiana, Texas, Alabama, Tennessee and Kentucky.

Gulfport Mississippi

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Let Petey Ride!

To my big little brother of another mother
May your days fly by as fast as you ride.

Friday, March 4, 2011

The way home.

On the way home from Sturgis we traveled the lesser known pathway to the east. The first leg involved a lot of gravel which completely destroyed my camera. Even so it was one of the most spectacular rides I've ever been on.