Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Strange brain

Had a strange nightmare, I think it was a nightmare, maybe just a dream but now I'm wide awake. I rarely have a dream that I remember, It's probably because I'm infatuated with Gabe Griffins blog Shanghaied right now, my favorite blog out there, in which he tells a vivid memory of a really fantastic dream he had. Anyway, those that know me remember my poor attempt at a bull riding career in my late twenties which led to nothing more than emergency trips to the hospital and a still haunted lower back. I'll tell some of these stories at a later date.

So in the dream I'm in the chute, surprisingly calm considering this is the scariest place on earth, as my riding buddy Danny is pulling my rope and giving me history on the bull. "He's gonna launch right two turns and flatten out, stay with him after that second jump, he'll leave you wondering what happened if you don't hook in". Chute opens with that signature bang of the gate and as always it was slow motion and silence 'til I hit the dirt. Those that do any kind of fall down sport know the sound of the grunt when you hit hard, only you hear it but it's very loud and very personal in your head. I feel the heat surround my spine and the strange liquid rush of swelling all while clawing at the ground disoriented but on a mission. Finally I hit the gate, the adrenaline exits and I collapse into the cloud of dust.

From here I'm in a turtle suit back brace drinking at my partners bar and decide to make the trek home through the neighborhood. I'm cutting through an alley by my old house which dead ends but has a gravel outlet to the streets. One of the tenants is getting out of his car and I ask him "hey man, is that gate locked" he replies"nope, go ahead man". I turn the corner and hug the wall to a rickety gate surrounded by bushes, when I get into the thick of the sticks a pit bull on a chain jumps up with a rabid snarl. "oh shit", I jump back and the god damn turtle suit gets stuck in the twigs and this mule of a dog is freeing himself up and getting closer. I finally break loose and high tail it to the next building, but now I'm on my childhood neighbors front porch in Michigan.

This animal is coming at me full throttle and I slow him down with a patio chair and all I'm left with is one of those crystal ball looking lawn globes on a stand and a ceramic deer looking at me with dead eyes. I grab the globe and take the dog out with a double overhead throw of the globe. This is when I wake up, a little WTF but really really mad at the dude in the volvo who told me to go ahead through his gate.

Now it's 4am and I'm drinking coffee even more mad at the stranger because I'm gonna be tired tommorrow. I don't know why I put this shit on here but I got no where else to put it so I apologize. Now go read shanghaied, he tells a much better story.

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