Thursday, August 20, 2009

7th Street Dekalb, IL.

I hadn't been to a show in quite some time.... so tonight I went. I even brought along my camera for the hell of it. I've missed going to these little basement and living room shows. I went to see Crazy Stallion to get my grind fix taken care of while EYES took care of the electronic. I ran into an old friend that was playing in one of the bands and he proceded to tell me about the last time he was in Dekalb. He said some kid gave him acid and he freaked out... took all of his clothes off while running through the woods rolling around in some tall weeds and eating the grass. Then peached the world into the Burger King drive through microphone telling them that everyone just needs to be nicer to each other and love each other more. The cops quickly showed up and they asked if everything was cool.... and why he was naked. He told them that he was trip'n on LSD and that everyone should just love each other more. He told them that people would pay more attention to him if he got completely naked. An ambulance ride to the hospital was ordered up for him. He said the cops were super cool about the whole deal and wasn't charged with anything.

Crazy Stallion

Gospel Gossip


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