Saturday, August 29, 2009

Proper Etiquette

So tonight I went to the video store after my lungs were influenced by the box on the coffee table. As I came in I made some quick small talk with my regular guy at the counter and then I really settled into the $2.00 vhs for sale section. As the titles all started to blur together a warn and faded copy of "On Golden Pond" jumped out at me in perfect focus. About half way through the printed plot a couple of rambunctious young twenty somethings came in with all sorts of volume and an episode of the look at me show.

Now I believe that the video store is like the library, soft whispers and no sudden movements. I stood there stewing with a blank page in front of me until the two knuckleheads agreed on a movie. Batman, the original. Are you fucking serious, "Batman, of all the movies you picked fucking Batman, the original". Anyhow they left and Jane Fonda looks fantastic on a swim raft, but I just felt that I needed to air my opinion on what I believe is proper video store etiquette. I understand that their are lots of acquaintance run-ins and "hey, whats up man" moments but you don't need to echo your stories of "man, did I tell you what happened that night I ran into you", cause I really don't give two shits. Please people, use your god given right of human respect and general intelligence when you are in your local video store, if not for me do it for Henry and Jane Fonda as they struggle to connect and rekindle their lost father daughter relationship.

and Lions in 3D rule.