Monday, August 17, 2009

Thursday..... Sturgis

Thursday morning was great..... the rain was gently coming down and keeping the douche bags from getting on there bikes and revving their engines for no reason at six in the morning. Chris Carr showed up and gave a great little speech. After he was done we convinced him to race around the dirt track. Geno and Chris tore it for a while.

Chris Carr

After Chris and Geno got done rub'n elbows the big twins came out!

Ryan Racing

Teach and Jeff dirt racing

I shot Matt McManus' knuck.

Full parking lot burnout!

At about six o'clock the Cycle Source Show got roll'n.

The Cycle Source Bike Show...... Jay Alen's new/old ride. I remember this as a rolling chassis sitting on the floor at the little spoke for the last few years wishing she was mine. Jay finally put her together...... it's fucking sweet!

Jason Ferguson's Ironhead

Big Ben drove his Peterbilt through the Bar!

Roadside and Meatloaf can't get enough!

Three Hours of Free Beer and Liquor backstage....... oh and Nashville Pussy!

Nashville Pussy!

Lucky Alien

You will drink this free alcohol!

Warren gett'n his nightly formula

One of Fergeson's offspring

This gorilla showed up out of nowhere!


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