Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Minnow come home

Put a new generator and battery in the Minnow tonight and made everything right. Rode up to the Orbit Room with Mitch and Eugene for some supper and decided to go for a ride. Ended up getting on the freeway for about 20 miles and doing a turn around. Up to this point I'd been taking it easy heading up stream but tonight The Minnow really put on the spin. The greatest Walleye in Wisconsin couldn't have caught us.

When I sent my motor and trans up to Bacon for the rebuild he asked me how I wanted to run, and after doing a bunch of miles with his knuckle and seeing his ease of high speeds I told him "just like your Knuckle". Wasn't blown away by the power around town but tonight she came to life. Leaning and burning through the big rigs and suv's and barely feeling like I'm into fourth gear. Just tucked in and let her rip. Best ride in a long time with two guys that made it even better. Smiles for miles.

Got back to the shop and couldn't get enough so we took another spin and headed back to the Lodge to put 'em in the livewell. I threw in an old pic I posted early on of Mitch and myself on last seasons versions of both of our bikes. It keeps feeling better every mile, every year. Gonna take her up to the woods in Michigan this week, run a treble hook and see what she can really do.

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