Monday, August 10, 2009

Sturgis....... The Ride In

My original plan was to ride with Warren to Sturgis but when it came time to leave my bike wasn't charging. Bacon was coming through at about midnight so I figured I'd stay and try different combos of junk regulators till something worked. Bacon busted ass on his knuck to get it done for the ride...... he completed it three days pryer to leaving. He gave her three prime kicks to get the juices flowing.... turned the key and gave her hell. The kicker arm broke as he drove his leg into the concrete. There he sat with a bike complete and a leg to broken to start it. The next day he had his ol lady jump on it for a while..... to no avail. The third and final day he got it started and rhode it about five miles. His dad said he wanted to see what Sturgis was all about so they loaded the Knuck into his dad's truck and hit the highway. As much as I didn't want to put my bike in the tuck I felt it would be wise do to my money situation and recurring charging problems. They picked me up at about midnight and by the time the sun came up we were so ready to ride. We unloaded at the Minnesota South Dakota border. 90 miles an hour from the word go. Bacon's knuck had five miles on it and never missed a beat....... well not until we met the 60 mile an hour side winds.

Seems that everytime I throw a leg over my sickle it's the nicest day....... ride a mile and the clouds appear. We watched this rain cloud for many miles. At times the road would curve and we'd think we were going to miss it but no.... in the end the road will always lead you to the storm.

If you've ever been to South Dakota you know that the Storms are violent but will pass in a timely manner.

Bacon shielding his face from the blades of water.

Cover that carb!

After the rain completed...... the winds came out. It was scary...... 60 mile an hour side winds. I was rounding a curve..... my tire started to pogo.... the wind waited until my tire was of the ground then blasted. It felt as if my bike table-topped.... the front tire shifted about a foot and a half. I couldn't look back to see if Bacon was still there. I eventually stopped and waited about thirty minutes for him to show up. The wind was blowing so hard into his carb it was snuffing him out.

The winds calmed as the sun set.

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