Sunday, August 23, 2009

Weekend camping in the corn

Mitch and Freedom saddled up and rode their iron horses west until the Sky Scrapers turned to corn. We met at a lonely intersection and I led them down some of my favorite back roads and tucked away bars. The weather was great and the roads were greater. We rode toward the setting sun and set it on fire for the night. We awoke in a mystical fog, had some eggs, then split ways.

We ran into Louie and Bing on the trestles

Roadside stop

Freedom and Mitch Crystals

Brian in his pan-tent

Mitch in an early morning haze



Warren Jr. said...

Was not inviting your buddy Warren retribution for posting you loosing to a Ural Sidecar on his blog? I am a little hurt. Oh well, I guess I will get over it.

Kid Kurpius said...

Come on now...... don't get your panties all up in a bunch. It was a top secret Kemosabe mission.