Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Orions Belt

should be a good time!

Prints are Available!!

It's been a while since I had prints available. My old print rig took a shit some time ago and I'm finally up and running again. I will continue to add art in my store for prints and few originals. But first check out these two that are available now on heavy stock, Signature-Worthy Cold Press paper! The color and detail on these are simply amazing! These two are Limited Editions of 75, signed and numbered. once they are sold that's it. So don't wait around to get your order in. Also I'm hitting the road in a few weeks, so get you orders in before the 13th of June, I will ship on the 14th. I will continue to take orders but won't be able to ship em till I get back to Chicago.

 Here's the link to the gallery store. M. Cotie Gallery Store

HEAVY - Wizard 12" x 15" print

Peace Pipe 12"x15" print