Monday, August 31, 2009

Dave Polgreen

My friend Dave up dare in Minnesota, just sent me a snap of his latest build. He is still working out some motor issues of course because it is an ironhead don't ya know. Anyways... Dave you killed it.... can't wait to see it in person!

These are some pictures I took last year in Dave's Happy Place.

Rock'n out to some Manowar!

New Wallet

I was annoyed with my present wallet today so I called up our good friend Rich Phillips and asked him if he could make me a wallet with a simplified version of our header. Richie gracefully accepted the request and I shit you not 2 hours later I get a text "check your email, I finished that wallet for you". Are you kidding me. Not only is it beyond my expectations but 2 hours, I figured I'd bug him in a week or so on the progress. Richie is another one of my friends that pisses me off with his natural abilities for all things creative. Thanks Rich.

A new destination

I didn’t think about you once in the UP cause I think you’d hate it up there. The roads have long and perfect curves, the sun does that flickering thing behind the soldier pines in the evening when you’re driving by, it smells like the crisp and wet flora and fauna only Michigan has, it’s full of super interesting people and it’s right next to Lake Superior. Basically everything you can’t stand. Anyway, right at the trail head out to little presque isle, I saw this map. There is also a “Freedom” gas station and food mart in town.

My close friend Miriam sent me this email, she has a really neat photo blog with some great stories. She's been on my case about the size of my passenger seats for a couple of years now. Next bike I promise you Miriam. Go visit her blog and read the stories or you'll be cheating

Cheaters Show Milwaukee

Milwaukee is one of those places I just never get tired of. You can't beat it..... Beer, fried cheese curds, beef jerky and more beer! Big City with small town mentality. The Cheaters Car Club throw there annual car show at the Nite Owl Drive In and it's one I wont miss if at all possible. Free Beer, fine cars, sweet sickles and the best burgers in town!

Free Beer for all!

VooDoo Larry's latest

Z's Dodge

Cody just got wacked on this bike. Turned his long front end into a real twisted springer! looking good for just throwing it together to ride the rest for the year out.

Barn Fresh!

Kids are get'n tattoo'd young these days

I love the shit out of this bike!

check it out

Mike D over at the Born Loser and Grant with The Shame of it all are putting together a real neat event in Southern California. Tons of prizes and good bikes along with food and fun drinks. We're gonna do our best to get their and we hope to see you all. September is filling up quick with a ton of goodness. Davenport, Secret mission, NYC Dice party and the Brooklyn Invitational and now the Born Free event. Coast to coast. Lets hope for an Indian Summer.

Sunday, August 30, 2009

True Ironhead

I met up with my friend Haley this weekend...... I hadn't seen her in 7 years. This was the very first thing I saw as I walked into her apartment! I kind of freaked out.... she was like.. "oh.... that's just a picture of my mother and uncle on a bike he built" I ignored her for fifteen minutes as I studied the image. The picture was taken in Cali way back when.

Dave Cumming and Pam Murray

early 70's sportster.... looks a lot like the next build I had in my head using my Denver Frame.

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Proper Etiquette

So tonight I went to the video store after my lungs were influenced by the box on the coffee table. As I came in I made some quick small talk with my regular guy at the counter and then I really settled into the $2.00 vhs for sale section. As the titles all started to blur together a warn and faded copy of "On Golden Pond" jumped out at me in perfect focus. About half way through the printed plot a couple of rambunctious young twenty somethings came in with all sorts of volume and an episode of the look at me show.

Now I believe that the video store is like the library, soft whispers and no sudden movements. I stood there stewing with a blank page in front of me until the two knuckleheads agreed on a movie. Batman, the original. Are you fucking serious, "Batman, of all the movies you picked fucking Batman, the original". Anyhow they left and Jane Fonda looks fantastic on a swim raft, but I just felt that I needed to air my opinion on what I believe is proper video store etiquette. I understand that their are lots of acquaintance run-ins and "hey, whats up man" moments but you don't need to echo your stories of "man, did I tell you what happened that night I ran into you", cause I really don't give two shits. Please people, use your god given right of human respect and general intelligence when you are in your local video store, if not for me do it for Henry and Jane Fonda as they struggle to connect and rekindle their lost father daughter relationship.

and Lions in 3D rule.

Chubby fingers gross me out

But Louis L'amour novels are real nice in the fall. It has been feeling like October here all week. Highs of 65 degrees with a firm breeze, the motors are loving it but it's too soon to be bundling up for a ride. Gonna be some cold nights in the Upper Penninsula!

Friday, August 28, 2009


Last year while at the Chop Meet I spotted this beauty from across the parking lot sun bathing at Mooneyes booth! She was glimmering in the sun as she smiled at me. I just couldn't leave without getting a photograph of her..... then her boyfriend showed up.... but he was cool with it.

Thursday, August 27, 2009


So I'm talk'n to my good brosif Todd over there at Iron Horse today and we're shoot'n the shit about this'n that. Then he brings up the topic of this band that he is in. I said yeah..... "I've heard of you guys" but you know.... I knew he was in a band but he's already good at one thing..... how can there be any more goodness left over for music. So he sent me a link to his tunes and good god damn!!!! That's some good shit! I wouldn't post it here if I didn't really believe in it.... If i didn't... I'd just tell him... "yeah man... sounds great" and been done with it.

If you are a stoner or just plain like stoner rock with a dark heavy sound I Highly suggest giving King Giant a spin. Llisten to them here! KING GIANT Four tasty songs for ya!

Then pick up their album at STONERROCK'S ONLINE STORE


I can't.....

....wait until this happens again!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Get lost

and make a friend.

Frank Frazetta said...

"When it came to my art, I went my own way and did not follow the trends."

I am glad.

Dear Mr. Biltwell

EDR was very much fun. I went two times. You guys have a very nice party in Mexico. Sometimes I remember how much fun it was. Mr. Biltwell can we please go again. Thank you very much.

ps: don't tell too many people. okay. also, can I bring my friends mitch and josh?

b harlow

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

The Tinman's Garage

I've been thinking about cars a lot lately. I miss the day of cruise'n around town with my ol' lady in a 63 Galaxie. Both a distant memory but an old cruiser at the tail end september is were it's at.

This is a picture I took last year of my friend Brian's shop. He is one of the best metal workers out there. His work is top notch..... Check him out! The Tin Man's Garage

Doin' it

If your not doing it like this guy, then your not doing it right.

Long haul love

Get the picture.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Weekend camping in the corn

Mitch and Freedom saddled up and rode their iron horses west until the Sky Scrapers turned to corn. We met at a lonely intersection and I led them down some of my favorite back roads and tucked away bars. The weather was great and the roads were greater. We rode toward the setting sun and set it on fire for the night. We awoke in a mystical fog, had some eggs, then split ways.

We ran into Louie and Bing on the trestles

Roadside stop

Freedom and Mitch Crystals

Brian in his pan-tent

Mitch in an early morning haze