Wednesday, August 5, 2009

That's Alright And That's Ok

75 degrees out and perfect tonight so I took the minnow out for a solo cruise. Ended up at a little bar in the old neighborhood, had a few beers and kissed a girl I shouldn't have been kissing. Dropped the bike back off at the shop and jumped in china white (my truck) for the ride home. Put on some Pegboy and took a little trip down memory lane.

In '95 I moved to San Diego and fell in with a girl that had a couple of kids. Ended up moving in after a bit and loved every second with the kids but hated most with her. Anyway, this lasted for a couple of years and she used to get me fired up so I'd get in my truck and drive around town listening to Pegboy and reminiscing about all my buddies and the times we had back east that meant so much more to me than anybody or anything that I had found living in SD. I think it just came down to having history, the funny thing is that now I listen to Pegboy and think about driving around the streets of San Diego and how much I miss those times. I guess you always miss what you don't have or that's just the great thing about memories.

Must've been a STRONG REACTION.


bassuppercut said...
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Moribund Garage said...

I think I had a few conversations with you during those days.

B Harlow said...

indeed we did Cabe.