Monday, October 31, 2011

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Like father like son

Heading to Des Moines

Jeff & hank, the kinda company you can't put into words!

Thursday, October 27, 2011

New best friend

Thought this dude was gonna eat me. Walked a couple of miles with me, he was way into it. Dropped the pack and hiked him home. No one in the house or the barn so i got him chewing on a milk jug while i snuck away. 100 yards later here he comes hauling ass with that big ole grin. He finally caught a scent and took off in to a field. I'll miss you friend.

4 days of gravel

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

"Sometimes the artist is too busy recovering from his excesses to even entertain the notion of working creatively"
-- Dr. Eric Maisel

Saturday, October 22, 2011


No riding for a couple of days but i haven't minded cause its been 70 and sunny. 17 miles yesterday and 21 today so after nearly 40 miles i figured i deserved a kush room with a pool and hot tub to soak these bones in. Turns out its homecoming weekend here in Iowa City and the drunken coeds in the jacuzzi have been very generous with there beers. Smoke session in room #235 later to repay the favor.

Lunch stop/smoke stop

I was too afraid to open it and now its driving me crazy

Creepy barn

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Whats good for the body proves bad for the mind

After my ride with John Henry I decided to hole up at a motel for a night to heal some blisters and rest some old haunt injuries that've been acting up from the early years of wearing this hat. It was the first time i felt the loneliness and it made me say some stupid shit to a friend. Couldn't wait to get back on the road this morning, TV sucks.

As soon as i hit it this morning my head felt amazing again, the not knowing and not caring is the most enlightening feeling. Iowa has been far more scenic and even more friendly than Illinois, lots of livestock and rolling hills. I stopped to feed these guys some banana chips and a young kid pulled up. He was working on a construction site i passed and his boss sent him to get me some lunch, unbelievable.

A few miles down the road these sisters picked me up for about 20 miles of funny conversation and some luxury leather seat setting. Said thanks and goodbye with awkward hugs that lasted a touch too long and got my ass grabbed.

Hiked about 7 miles towards Durant and Big Sean pulled up in his dually as I was pissing on a corn stalk. Good ole boy that went out of his way to get me to a gas stop with a campground about a mile up a gravel road.

This is what I had to choose from for boots and my favorites have been champion work horses. I watch them all day long so sorry if its a boring topic, pretty big part of my days though.

Got to the camp ground which i have to myself, unfortunately me and Ralph Macchio are both outta luck.

29 degrees tonight before it starts to warm back up tomorrow, gotta keep this fire going.

Have fun in Brazil Josh

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

My chariot

Mega 80 here i come with a bluegrass soundtrack. Life is grand.

John Henry, no bullshit

Chasing the falling sun

Brandi was up from Ohio.... We chased the sun for four whole days.

We chased the sun... the moon chased us.
Past the old homestead on Kirkland road.

North of Gelena, IL.
We stopped in at the Iron Horse Social in Savana, IL. for a quick drink. Jerry the owner was digging on my bike and invited us into the depths of his various establishments on the block. He has an amazing collection of motorcycles and a very humble man. Thanks Jerry!
A Sporty he just finished
K model hill climber
The antique store inside the bar
Frank Fritz's first bike
The wedding chapel above the bar
She'll even fill yer tank!
Russell's Woods
Harvest is in full effect which means the deer are being flushed out of the fields.
Enjoying the last sunset

Not in my town

View from the back seat. Stumbled out of the tavern after a cheeseburger and a half dozen of the cuervo specials just in time for my new buddy to chat. Tried to walk out but he said "son, i just need ya outta my town". Pretty cool cop actually, talked ex military stories over about 6 miles and he pulled into a truckstop. "well your their problem now, you seem like a goodguy and i wish you luck". He did let me know my license was suspended, however i dont know the last time a cop transported that much weed without knowing it. Im such a good packer! Good chat Jeff, nothing but respect for you.

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"They dont swell, they dont tell and they appreciate it like hell".

82 yr old man just told me why older women are better lovers.

Train whistles and coyote calls

Caught a ride on sunday to just outside of Rock Falls, set up camp and settled in for the first of some chilly nights. A few miles out of Rock Falls Sean pulled up in his late 90's ranger on super swampers. Sean was 19 with a 2 yr old little girl and a baby boy on the way but he was more concerned with finding work so he could drop a v8 in his ranger. He got me down to Prophetstown where i got a spot at the campground on the river with hot showers. Set up camp, took a shower and headed into town to find a tavern. I drank $20 worth of $1 drafts and stumbled back to camp for my first fire and some beans from a can. Nice to sleep on the river for a change, the corns getting pretty repetative. Low 30's at night, not really prepared and just when i start to doze jonny ratchet blows that train whistle or them coyotes start barking. Not to mention i was shitting like a wildcat thanks to all them draft buds, Harlan always told me to avoid the draft.

I did want them all

Hanging out in the woods talkibg to Bacon on the phone. His outlook is always comedic at the least.

Change of view

Trying to warm up. Got about 2 miles outta Prophetstown this morning and a mini van stopped with a 20 something and his mom. They said they'd get me a bit south but they needed to sell there fridge today so i offered a hand and we stopped and loaded her up. One things for sure, these folks in these small towns are feeling this crunch in our country. It heads up most my conversations.

I run into these guys every few miles. I hate snakes, i usually pester em a bit. I yelled at this one cause he was braver than me

This is becoming pretty routine in every town. They usually chuckle when i tell them whats up, so do I. This one tried to steer me around town but the neon called me in. Tonight ill be ditchin it again outside of town, who knows what tomorrow will bring.