Sunday, November 15, 2009

The Band is back together.....

...... for a weekend reunion tour. Dave and Zac were down from St. Paul to pick up Dave's FXR..... Nikki was in town from Seattle visiting friends and we were all drawn to the light like flies towards Bravetown.

I was a little concerned when Slippery Pete walked in. He used the word caca instead of shit then starting lighting incense and putting them all over the shop. It was kind of weird.

Pete's Drill Press

Sean ironing out the bugs with Deb's bike.

Hanging gifts received.

Slippery Pete and Dave

Mitch loaded and ready to race

Malort and an eye twitch

After the Malort we passed the jar of Moonshine......... and other things.

It was a great night at the shop!


Brad from Louisville said...

HEY GUYS!!! Its brad from louisville. The place looks great and I wish I was there to celebrate with you guys. I miss you all. i want to try to make it to next years Country Mile so i can hang with you guys again. Big shouts to everybody there! Give a hollar to rob for me. Keep on rockin' in the free world!

Kid Kurpius said...

Hell yeah! Where you at now? For sure get your ass back here next year...... and do not sell that shovel! we will help you if you need help getting back.

Brad from Louisville said...

Im settling in portland for a while. If shit doesnt work out here, you will find me sleeping on the doorstep of bravetown one morning.

t said...

nice I see how it is.. enjoy..

B Harlow said...

Brad, you've always got a home in Chicago and a stall in Bravetown but you have to drink one shot of Malort!