Monday, November 2, 2009

Chopped Out

While in California we spent a bit of time at Grant and The Harpoon's place. We chilled out on some Coca-Cola's and Tecate's while we buttoned up a few things on our bikes. We felt right at home here.

Chopped Out

Grant's killer Shovel

I found this amazing book floating around their garage.

Grant grabbed ahold of my camera and took these shots outside of his garage. The bolt holding my licence plate on snapped so I took advantage of the down time to fix it up.


grant said...

I wish you guys would come back soon so we could do it all over again! Amy is all ready to make more corndog caserole!

grant said...

oh, and thanks for letting pull the trigger on your rig for a while, someone has to catch the human dynamo in action! He shoots, he welds, he engraves, he wrenches! Like i told you, you're my new hero. See you in the funny papers.

spig said...

Could you give me the guy's email with the shovel head with the duck on the motor? I want to ask him something about his bike. Thanks.

grant said...

that's my shovel.

B Harlow said...

Umm, No Grant. That's my shovel. I mean my fork legs.

grant said...

Hey Brian, you know what my duck is for? Kissing!