Monday, November 9, 2009

the landing gear is down

I stopped by the office today, which happens to be in my partners bar, and while I'm steady handing my High Life w/ a lime My pal Sean Patrick behind the bar says "hey man, a bunch of shit came for you today".

I'll be damned if people haven't been sending stuff for the walls of Bravetown.

This was the first box I opened tonight and it blew my mind. For christ sake the man sent a hawks feather from his Pennsylvania back yard not to mention a survival kit of literature and road maps for a cold winter day. Infidel0341 you get it and we got it, thanks man. puff puff pass.

To all of you who have taken the time from your day to send us something no matter how big or how small we truly are grateful and will do our best to keep things interesting around here. I'll keep posting the gifts and their destinations, just know that we send safe miles and an inevitable handshake followed with a grin. Bravetown holds a cold beer and a place in its heart for you all.


grant said...

as soon as i can find what i"m lookin fer, i'll get it in the mail...its a good un.

Beaner said...

All I have is a Boozefighter sticker or two that I'd love to plant somewhere. I'll be coming up to Chicago to spend Thanksgiving with my family.

Future Primitive said...

dude, the mountains are calling you dudes, springtime will rule, but in the meantime kemosabes keeping me warm