Monday, November 23, 2009

Gumbo night

almost wrapped up with The Searchers frame
Eugene wrenching, Petey and JJ rolling dice, Mitch making gumbo and Sean coming back from a ride. I love this place.
Mitch blew minds with his gumbo. Hard boiled eggs and all.
JJ loving the gumbo.
Ruby and Petey in a food coma. Next weeks the holiday so no pot lucking.


Mitch Cotie said...

hey whoever shows up to the shop first tonight, throw the leftovers (in the fridge) on that hot plate. Man, it's always better as leftovers. motherfuckers just don't know.

Tony d. said...

ooooooh gumbo. from a real louisiana boy too. man....

Anonymous said...

your gumbo killed em babe :)