Sunday, November 22, 2009

Deals on wheels

About a year ago I pulled up to a jobsite on the shovel and an older dude comes up to me with his cooler and starts talking bikes. He opens up his cooler and he's got a picture of his pan underneath his snacks and then he tells me that his hardtail days are over and that he'd be willing to swap a swingarm roller straight up for his wishbone roller. I started putting one together but I new the bike wasn't going anywhere so I sat on it. Fast forward a year and I'm talking with Jr. about projects and some parts I need which led him to remind me of the roller swap deal. I told him I'd give him the deal for the parts I needed and we made the deal.
Bacon and Jr. with the new project.
The roller Jr. whipped up.
Me thinking I should've kept the deal.


Cody said...

so i heard that that bike was called purple haze? well anyways i was in chicago saturday night and stopped into a bar called "purple haze" and the bar tender was really hot and gave us all a free shot of jack.

someone in chicago needs to go "meet" that girl.

B Harlow said...

I'll send the youngsters over.

Warren Jr. said...

Thanks for the deal Mr. Harlow. Still want you to keep up with that guy. I want the tank and the seat still. Keep me posted.