Monday, November 9, 2009

Settling In

He is a professional. Never seen in action till now.

Mitch making messes

Watch Dog

Mitch didn't know what Malort was all about. We held our straight faces long enough to get him to take a pull


Typical response after a swig of Malort

Mitch and Eugene had a slow race in the shop

New Dog

Bacon's Knuck

Bacon, Warren and Cody rode down for Milwaukee.

Wouldn't be the same without Eastwood

We made Young Blood and Appleseed carry the bombs in.

Unloading Pete's Shovel project

The Garden


ChoppedSuey said...

Goddamn do I love Malort!

Fashion Serial Killer said...

Hey is Bacon AKA DAN? Small world if so. Cool picks also, i've seen the one's you have taken of Rob.