Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Disco Sucks

...And so does moving your shop and leaving all the memorabilia of graffiti, knick knacks and sharpie scratch behind. There's lots of empty walls in Bravetown that we would love to fill with some nifty stuff from anyone so inclined to send us something. Stickers, drawings, hell I'd love to get a letter, nobody writes letters anymore. Write me a letter and I'll write you back with some kemosabe goodies that are about to be available. I don't care if you send me OJ's glove, we'll find a spot for it and when you come to run the gauntlet or tame the lion you can check your shit out.


attn: B Harlow
2109 W. Chicago Ave.
Chicago IL 60622

ps: pipe bombs and anthrax can be sent to Mitch.


Haley said...

Welcome to the neighborhood!

B Harlow said...

that's my office, I think I should be welcoming you.

Anonymous said...

characture drawings of any and all members of brave town driving bumper cars greatly appreciated

Kevin "TEACH" Baas said...

Can you have Pete call me..I lost his number and he wanted a shovel sign..I need to know what size and cone or genny style. I will send his with a few gems for your wall

B Harlow said...

Teach, Peteys phone is outta commission so call me after 6 and you can chat him up, we'll all be in Bravetown fighting crime.