Sunday, November 29, 2009

Long and lazy weekend

Lisa and Ratchet had me as their guest for turkey dinner. thanks Lis, it was out of this world.
Wrapped up the motor mount and cross tube on The Searchers frame. Had it pretty well mocked up with whatever was laying around the shop, taking a break from it until the pans back together and ready for the spring.
Sunday night casserole made by the youngsters. They went with a youthful theme and through in some hot dog bits along with some capri suns.
Meg in a post casserole state. She helped the youngsters put a womans touch on the meal.
Started putting the pan back together before all her parts ended up in The Searcher. Fantastically lazy weekend with the pals, I hope yours was just as good.


Kid Kurpius said...

What the fuck.....Am I like chopped liver out here. Thanks for the invite! And Brian I don't like the Searcher..... It's not what you said it would be.....

Mitch Cotie said...

Hey man. I thought you were in China doin a shoot or some shit. You know youre always welcome. The Searcher is always changing, always searching.