Thursday, November 12, 2009

Rocker Boxes... Part One

While Richy was down south cutting the shit out of my frame.... I decided to "reshape" my rocker boxes. The bike was going to have a racy look so I wanted something a little more sleek. I liked split rocker boxes at the time (if done right) but only shovelhead boxes. I never liked split Ironhead boxes unless the time was taken to round off the square side to match the round side. I also didn't know how to weld at the time. So a little reshaping was my solution. This is how I went about doing so. The possibilities are endless..... and just imagine what could be done with a welder! The next set I do will be a little more involved. I encourage you to try this.... but please come up with your own unique design. enjoy

Ugly Ironhead Rocker Box

Rockers out and ready for the rock and roll to start!

Find your oil passages.

I mapped out the oil passages in black. Inspect your rocker boxes closely. Although shovelhead rocker boxes are bitch'n as they are if you feel the need to fuck them up a little the oil passage runs at a diagonal. And watch out for the right lower corner of ironhead rocker boxes...... the cast is a lot thinner than you may think in that corner. That is the area marked with the black box in the lower right corner.

I then mapped out the design I wanted with red. These guidelines will help you keep things symmetrical and on track. I wanted a look of something that could have come out of the factory but have a classy look as well.

Hogging out the heavy stuff! Look how crude this is. A cheap drill press was really the only tool in the shop at the time. So got rid of material using a drill press. I didn't even know what a mill was at the time. I'd recommend a mill for this job.

That retard doesn't have his subject clamped down! Shows how little I knew at the time.

bringing elegance to a cast block of aluminum with a dremel tool

Bringing out the contours.
Remember to watch your depth as not to run into your oil passages.

At this point I was happy with where I was at with the dremel tool. From here on out it's all finger work.

More to come...... stay tuned


CycleBoy said...

...and they turned out bitchin! One of the first things (of many) on your bike that caught my eye in Sturgis.

grant said...

Not as bitchin as that hair cut you're sportin there Josh!

Kid Kurpius said...

It's weird you should say that..... I had about 5 people tell me how sweet my hair was at the bar last night. The funny thing was they were all dudes. Then they would proceed to talk my ear off about it until I ditched out on them.

Kid Kurpius said...

As for the cut in the pics..... yeah pretty bitch'n right! Like a reverse mullet/rattail or something.

Nick said...

Agreed, that haircut is going in the books.

matt machine said...

hey josh, in australia no one would say anything to you at any bar or even in the street cause they would shit their pants and cross over and then tell their friends that a hard ass bloke with a knife came at them on the way to the supermarket...