Wednesday, November 4, 2009

The Wilbur III

We spent a fare amount of time relax'n in Will's garage. Will is the the type of guy that will really set you up if you are ever in need of shelter near the Long Beach area. One time I flew in but didn't have a place to stay.... he was going to be out of town so he left me his truck at the airport. I drove to the store, bought a loaf of bread and lived in his truck for a week. Sorry about the bread crums Will. He's just that type of guy and he really came through for us on this last trip. Thanks brother.

Brain Swapping out his coil. He blamed my at a gas stop in Iowa for spilling something on his primary belt. I told him to fuck off and that he probably spilt the caramel from his sunday down the side of his bike.... but it looked like it was coming out of his coil. A wise man at the Kung Fu Tap saw it and informed him the his coil was trash. Will offered up an extra and we hit the california highways.

There's always blue sky when you ride with Willie

T-bone check'n out "The Lizard Bike"

I'll always rise early for a good swap!

I must say..... My bike never looked so much at home as it did in the California blue skies and the green of the Palms.

A trio of fine look'n Panheads... oh and a good look'n Kawi as well

Nikki let me ride her kawi. I don't know how she does it. I killed it about 20 times around the block.... seriously! I'm not used to having no low end torque. It's funny cause she got right on mine and did a wheelie down the entire stretch of the alley. I hung my head in shame.


WorD said...

Niiiice!! Love u back!!!

Nix said...

You shooting pics while ridin' that thang is way more impressive than my wheelie!