Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Stay high and ride it out

Mitch coined the new slogan for bravetown and put it to the walls with a personal touch.
Josh getting it on with a spark plug
and not riding it out. He hit a guard rail at about 90 mph and went into a speed wobble followed by about 18 slices of pizza. Better stick to Roadsides bathtub liquor Kid.


Kevin "TEACH" Baas said...

Did Pete like his sign?

lifeisfuct-diekruzen HEAVY KLOTHING said...

u guys are gonna get absolutly nothing done there..

B Harlow said...

Yeah dude, the signs are ridiculous. I'm gonna do a post with both of them this week. You rule Teach.

Roadside Marty said...

Fuck it!! I guess I have to put a Chicago visit down on the books this year because you fuckers are having way too much fun without me!!