Monday, November 9, 2009

Nice Guy!

On Friday I headed for the South side to meet up with a good friend of mine. While I was going to school at Columbia I'd be in the darkrooms..... I kept hearing this raspy voice in the darkness. The voice was constant..... never really stopping.... and there was a story for every situation. I was like.... this dude is totally full of shit. I worked at the lighting studio, he came in for a job and as it figures I'm stuck working with him. I thought great.... I'm never gonna be able to get anything done because he's going to be talking to me the entire time. Turns out he really wasn't full of shit..... he had just seen a lot of things in his life. We didn't get anything done but I didn't care. Anyway he kept telling me about this sheet metal roller he had. He's got a lot things.... your average junk collector you know..... He said I could "barrow" it until he needed it back someday. He even threw a tank of acetylene and stainless welding rods at me as well. He is a swell guy!

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