Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Wrightwood California

I was up there for the Chop Meet and as always when the sun goes down you know things are going to get a little out of hand....... especially when the Death Trap boys are in town. Wrightwood is just a small mountain resort town that doesn't see to many of our types roaming the streets. There are only four bars in this town and I believe we shut them all down within and hour and a half. They didn't just kick us out..... they turned out the lights and shut the show down. The first shut down simply because they couldn't serve the alcohol fast enough and people were starting to get a little rowdy.

"it was a jacket" Dean sharing a story about his friend fish fingers.

Passing out at the first bar is not exceptable.

It will not be tolerated.

Jake showed off his Three Wheeler riding skills

After the first bar shut down the agitated heard moved across the street.

about 15 minutes in everyone decided to throw their beers in the air.

I got really humid

That kid Eric really knows how to party!

Jake jumping off the bar........ giving Rico a boner

Rico expressing his love.

The lights quickly went out and we strolled over the the next bar.

Eric and I glazing into each others eyes

Cary wore is helmet for his own safty

Jake gett'n some from Candy Monroe....... oops I mean Candy Rocks. Candy went to jail shortly after this picture was taken!!! This girl really knows how to party! Jake check out this link...... you'll wish this never happened! http://www.candymonroe.com/tour/

Damn.... I forget this guy's name.... but I love him!

Eric had to much Candy.

After about fifteen minutes we were kicked out and headed the the next bar..... it was our last resort.

Josh hopped behind the bar and started serving us drinks

Damn....... I wish my name was Harpoon!

We only lasted about 10 minutes in this bar........ So we pissed on the town!

We even made it home early enough to get a good nights sleep. That's me rock'n a white vest!


Rob said...

what a memory!

Tony d. said...

man, seeing shit like this makes me itch to go for another ride to some small town to freak out all the squares

Nick said...

Candy always has something in her mouth.