Sunday, July 5, 2009


I've been here for to long. I need to be moving on. I need a change. Maybe I just need to hit the road again or maybe a bed in the city where there are at least more than one like minded persons to hold a face to face conversion with. Everything is changing.........good...... bad........... I'm inviting it.

Today I wanted to get away....... it was the most beautiful day until i pulled out the sickle. I decided to give the Locust a rest until I can get some of her wounds stitched up. I hopped on the ol' man's 69 FL. My first love...... the bike that tought me everything. I picked up a sandwich and headed for the hills. I danced with a black cloud for a while until I fell out of beat. She started chasing me then dumping her love on me with the kind of tear drops that would melt your face to the bone. She calmed down and I pondered in an empty field......