Sunday, July 5, 2009

If I had a Dollar.........

.........for every time some one told me I was going to kill myself this weekend I'd be riding a Knucklehead not a silly Sportster.

"You are going to ride that thing to the city"..........."you're gonna ride that thing on the interstate"......... "you shouldn't split lanes like that"....... "You can't ride 90 miles back home with your front tire flying apart like that"...... "Your rocker bushings are fucked"..... "It's raining to hard"........"your headlights aren't bright enough"....... "I can't see your tail light"...... "it's midnight and there are lots of drunks on the road, you can't ride home"....... "It's to foggy you shouldn't be riding that thing"...... "there are to many deer on that road"..... all fallowed be YOU ARE GONNA KILL YOURSELF. Damn........ My death wish is mine not yours........ But thanks for caring.

On friday I headed for the city in search of a good time. Not much was going on..... Slippery Pete was headed to St. Louis for a piece of pie, Brian was working and everyone else was in between........ Gett'n bikes sorted out for a long ride next weekend. Mitch and I blasted through the city..... something I've really missed. Riding with your best bro act'n a fool on two wheels. After getting off the interstate Mitch noticed that my front tire was delamming like a banana peel. So I globbed some rubber cement on it and taped'r up. Everyone advised against ride'n 90 miles on it to get back home. The next morning I wrapped some duct tape around it and rhode to Bobby and Kacy's place where they were having their annual 4th of July party. Bobby just picked up a 32 three window so we dicked around with that for a little while. Later we had Bottle Rocket wars and blew things up with 3/4 sticks of Dynomite as well as pop cans filled with gasoline. For some reason I was the nominated for the activation of these things. I blasted out at about midnight. All was well until I got to the black night of the country roads. I was having charging issues and by the time I got home I had no lights. There's is nothing like riding a long chop in the dead of a foggy night down some pot hole infested back roads with only the moon lighting your way....... Scary but fuck'n exhilarating. It wasn't bad until a car passed and your eyes had to adjust back to the darkness. I even made it through the village limits without getting pulled over.

Mitch and I ripping to the Shop.

Rob making his Pan a solid runner while Stephanie serenades him


Chain Tensioner bolt kept backing out on the interstate.

Mitch's rigged headlight

If you can't Duc it..... Fuck it.......

Alabama Black Chrome!

Bobby's new 32 three window. Ugly as sin but when he is done with it..... it will be a winner!

Bobby and Z fiddle'n with the carb

Almost traded my bike for this car.......

Bobby tacked the rocker nut that kept backing out into my spokes.

This morning I found some more delamination.


B Harlow said...

nutty moron

Anonymous said...

Thanks for coming out..always love seein ya,.. btw the car is a 32 3 window.. close enough.. and has a skinny 19" tire on a wheel if you want to borrow it till you get a new tire... just an idea

Kid Kurpius said...

Shit..... thought it was a 32 but thought I heard you say 34. I have a 19 but it's a little wide...... I might be able to space out the front end to fit.

Anonymous said...

The 19" that Andy has is 2-1/2" wide.. let him know, he'll let you use it till you find another one.

mindpill said...

again, great photos and stories.......keep it up.......wooo, that sounded weird.

Mitch Cotie said...

2nd pic down. Rob and Steph - friends of Metal. Friends of mine.