Monday, July 13, 2009

Mike Buzz

He is the only guy in my area I feel I can have a like mind conversation with. He's got the shit and he's been doing it a long time. Everytime I leave his place I'm cart'n something home. Thanks Mike!

Chris Laurin painted Mikes bucket. Pulled an all nighter and busted it out!

Mike's knucklehead project

Chris went swap meet'n today. Spooly!

Chris pulled out some old chop rags. BONES Notebloom on the cover of Street Chopper in 1973! I just shot him earlier this year. What a great guy!

Putting the body on the frame.

Mike dreaming about doing wheelies in it!

Mike's Son found a fresh Busch Light in the ditch.

Rallye Bob.... were you out near Wolf Road last night......drunk and thinking you were throwing empties out the window?

Chris and his Ford.

Another one of Mike's Toys

Ford on Ford Body action

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