Thursday, July 2, 2009

Happy Failure

Been working 14 hour days for the last week or so and it's not gonna stop for another week. Still gotta wrap up the little shit on the pan but I am whooped by the end of the day. 4th of July weekend is shot and I'm starting to worry about riding next weekend.

Good: listening to pegboy on vinyl while all the neighborhood kids are blowing off m-80's and moon whistlers.
Bad: not knowing what you want to be when you grow up but knowing that what your doing is not it. Not that I'll ever be able to answer that question.

Anybody wanna pay me to ride my motorcycle and catch dinner from a river?


WorD said...

stop whinnin you have ur health. the sun also rises and chicks dig me. u have people that love you and ur dingle is small. Michael is dead no he has somethin to complain about....
i too like littlor dowgs


Kid Kurpius said...

I'm headed to the city tomorrow. We'll get your bike done and ride 500 before we leave. Bro down and get some shit done.

Tony d. said...

find Rolling Stones Sticky fingers on Vinyl and mellow out to it. kicks ass.

I've been searching for years to find someone that will pay me to ride too. no such luck.

Future Primitive said...

fuck that. if you want that shit to happen, make it happen dude...its all gonna be so rad. remember dude, the breeze is our engine.