Monday, July 27, 2009

Sweet Saturday

Woke up to a beautiful day.

Since everyone was working thought I'd head over to the beach and relax a little.

After a long walk on the beach with no one to sing my sorrows too....... I headed back to the Lodge and confided in Kemosabe.
I chilled with Lisa and Johnny Ratchet until it was time for Ratchet to kick is pan and ride off into the sunset with his lady in tow.

Seems that I'm the guy always hauling peoples shit around. I only wish that some day I will be able to afford a Big Twin like this....... until then I will just enjoy handling them and pretending they are mine while they are in my possession.

Slippery Pete's Shovel

Gennaro get'n close to the end with the sportster project.

Slippery Pete working his gas tank.

Brian get'n legal

Rob smoking us out with his Triumph........

Out for a ride....... I think only two cylinders total were firing between these two bikes. They took turns firing from bike to bike. Sounded rad going down the road!

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Haley said...

Damn! Wish I wasn't so hungover that day or I would've gone to the beach w/you! Love the beach!