Tuesday, July 28, 2009

The Minnow's first

Finally....... the minnow has hatched. Brian got handed the shitty end of the corn cob with his last job and has been working night and day to get it said and done. He's been piecing together the pan in between and not sleeping between all of that. On saturday we walked to the petro station got a gallon of gas and some blow pops. She spawned aggressively sounding meaner than I thought any Pan ever could. Brian threw a leg over and healed her into gear. It felt great to finally see him ride off on it. Ripped it though the alley ways and when it was time to stop..... he said.... "damn I just want to keep riding". If you have built your own bike you know the feeling. You got it running but know there are a few things that need tweaking before you can actually 'Really" ride.... but you want to keep riding it even if it could potentially kill you. At least that's how it was the first time I rhode my bike.

Gasoline and Blow Pops!

After Brian de-virginized her for a while he gave me his sloppy seconds...... damn.... I always end up with his sloppy seconds......

Brian..... grab those grape flavored spliffs and lets head to Wisconsin!


Beaner said...

Nothing like the first ride to pop her cherry. Then pop wheelies up and down Michigan ave. Then ride out to Franklin Park and eat Hot Dogs from Gene & Judes until your eyes pop. ride up to Ft Sheridan and smoke a spliff on the lake front. do tire spinning doughnuts in the park and jump the Des Plains river. Then that would almost be the perfect day.

WorD said...

I know who gets to ride her next haha