Sunday, July 5, 2009

Know Your Limits

Heading to the job today I unfortunately witnessed a horrible scene. There is an exit off the expressway to downtown that has a long winding left that tightens up on you with a quckness and leads into a downhill 3/4 mile straight away which is typically a summertime destination for the lean and burn. Coming around the bend today I noticed a dozen or so cars on the shoulder with frantic passengers on cel phones, about 50 feet beyond is the aftermath of a horrible, horrible bike wreck. No cops or ambulances yet but one unfortunate man who clearly just lost his life. Everybody including his 2 riding companions looked absolutely lost for the right emotion. Those peoples lives will never be the same after what they witnessed today and that mans family will feel this for the rest of their lives. He wasn't wearing a helmet (which is a personal choice), but from what I saw it wouldn't have made a difference.

Seeing a dead body always takes your brain to a place of questioning everything before, during and after life. I personally crossed my heart and called Mitch to make sure he was cool cause I knew he was out riding. I guess my point is that it seemed pretty clear that this unfortunate man did not know the turn and maybe was trying to keep up or just felt he was a better rider. I don't know but I do know that I have gotten into some hairy situations for both of these reasons and learned my lesson with a rapidly beating heart and some scratched paint. So know your limits and remember that your riding for you, not to impress your pals or the strangers around you who really could care less about you. My thoughts and personal prayers go out to this strangers family and friends and I know that riding that bend will never feel the same again.


Big Scott said...

we shared the same thoughts last week, makes you think. we ride for ourselves, not others.
thanks brian, ride on big scott

Craze! said...

Wisdom my man... good words... be safe