Friday, July 10, 2009

21 19 swap

After riding more miles than I should have on a delaminating 40 year old tire with duct tape holding it together I finally decided to address a few issues I had with my front end. Yesterday I started by making some new rocker pivot shafts. My rockers were sloppier than a south side hooker....... fun while it lasts but you never know when it might kill you. Everything about'm was shot and the scary thing was that the threads were fuct and the nuts wanted to back out into the spokes. So I found some 7/8 stainless round stock I had lying around...... built a portion up with weld then machined it down to an inch for the head. Then I took down a portion to 3/4 for the shoulder that fits into the bushing. I purchased some 1/2 stainless fine thread bolts and took off the heads on the lathe then welded them in. I milled flats to fit a 7/8 wrench to tight'n the sum bitches up. New bronze bushings and she's a virgin again....... safe and sound! Then I thought I would get by with another 40 year 19" tire I had lying around. I got new bearings and made spacers and threw'r on. The tread was super cool but was shaped like an oval and had a flat top. Pretty wicked at 75 mph with a long springer and unpredictable around turns. So on went the Cheng Shin. Whatever.... at least it fits between my fork legs and I can get a new one when it fails. Would really love to run a 21" but I am not going to pay a fortune for a 40 year old 2.75 every time it flies apart on me. The geometry is a little off now with the 19 but I planned on making new rockers anyway...... I'll deal with the way it handles for now. I just need some spokes to lace up one of Warren's hubs and I'll be all set.

7/8 stainless rod. One inch for head and 3/4 for the shoulder.

Stainless 1/2 fine thread bolt and machined shaft.

Milling flats

Shaft times four. Not much for threads but any more would clip my spokes!

Discarding the righteous.

Looking for the truth.

I little bit of trueing.


Cody said...

hey man is that your 17?

Cody said...

nevermind..... i just read it. id like to see the 17 on it.

Nick said...

Your muscles look tuff in those pictures my friend.

Kid Kurpius said...
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Kid Kurpius said...

The 17 looks a little weird.... I grew fond of the twenty one but the 19 will have to do.

Fuck..... I'm telling you that moonshine fucked up my stomach. If lost 15 ponds since tennessee. But hey if the ladies dig it...... give me more! But you're a dude and the only one who has said something...... weird!