Thursday, July 23, 2009


Today, I was sitting on my bike, eating a $3 MickeyD meal and watching the I-94 traffic flow in both directions like massive veins and arteries pumping with toxic blood- to and fro with energy and purpose. Everything turned to wedges. Everything is a wedge; moving shit or stopping shit better than any other shape on the menu. Where are all the motorcycles in this harness of chaos? The cars are moving at 5000 cars per hour and the bikes at an equivalent of only 50 cars per hour. I'm moving at 0 miles per hour because I'm observing from the edge of the vein. I know full well that a good number of these wedge shaped cells are going to convert to the 2 wheeled variety in a few hours or later even, next Sunday. Often when cells are in their two wheeled, free flowing state, they get wedged out or wedged into, by reckless 4 wheeled cells But,eventually, they will return to the more convenient, and resilient, 4 wheeled form. What is the fate of the extremely rare, 2 wheeled cell that doesn't return to it's 4 wheeled form?

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