Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Alex and the old version

I met Alex last October at the Hunnert Car Pile up. He is the type of kid that don't give a fuck about what you, you and you think. He marches to beat of his own drum and that's why I like him. This weekend Brian and myself were sitt'n dining on some Porturican steak sandwiches when a kid rolled by on a bobbed Triumph. I asked...... who the hell was that? The scene is so small in chicago we know everyone that is into this crappy junk. Realized it was Alex on the new version of his Triumph and ran into him later at the shop........ It's a pretty sweet limey now!

P.S. Thanks Alex for donating Brain a Leica to take pictures with!

1 comment:

matt machine said...

kid your shots are the fucken business. what about the sun behind his head....for fuck sake man. come to australia...