Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Keino visits Genoa.....

It's very rare to actually have a friend drive or ride out to my place of residence. I couldn't make it into the city last night to hang at the lodge with keino and the guys as I have way to many things that have to get wrapped up before I tear up the highway to Sturgis. Keino said he would stop by on his way through...... I couldn't believe it. I get that feeling like I've been locked away from the world when I spend to much time out here..... then when some one says they are going to trek out to visit me it's like seeing that first human on your return to earth. It really does mean a lot to me when a friend from the motorcycle world stops by..... very few have..... It was great to see you again Keino.

I met Keino at the truck stop off the highway and realized he had a knock so I said lets head back to the shop and look at it there. It pulled fine as we thought it might be the trans. At the shop there was a whole new noise that sounded worse than before. Sounded like gravel in the trans. There was disappointment as transmission shops were called. Finally a friend Bill called a guy he knew that was a good honest trans man and he said he'd be right over to look at it. Well..... Keino started it up and there was no noise at all. The knock ended up being the catalytic converter but we couldn't get it to make the clattering noise again.

The trans guy.... can't remember his name or his shop at the moment showed up in this! He took the van out for a drive and said everything seemed fine so off to Sturgis Keino went.

He made it as far as Minnesota until he found the real problem. It was the solenoid feeding power to the starter and not shutting off. It became a made dash for the tools to disconnect the battery but it was to late..... the battery was fried. He's getting it taken care of and doesn't plan on stopping till he hits the Sturgis County Line

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