Thursday, July 16, 2009

Good deeds for the day.

I was up at the fill'n station today and ran into my friend Lonnie. He told me he had just found a crack in his fame and was wondering if I had a welder available. So we headed out to my dad's shop and I stitched his frame up for him. I planned on hit'n the city tomorrow then up to Wisconsin for the Hard Tail Party this weekend...... so I had a laundry list of shit that needed to be addressed before hit'n the road. Brian called and said he needed a spacer made up for his pan so I hopped right on that. Anything to help get a brother on the road. I had a ton of shit to get done before I slept but I saw that setting sun and just had to chase it until I couldn't see it no more.

Lonnie on his bike that has about a million miles on it.

Starting Brian's spacer. Taking down the edges to fit in the collet.

Chasing a setting sun.

Now that most of the issues with my front end are worked out it's time to narrow the bars back up.


Tony d. said...

Josh! if you are swinging up for the hardtail party and you need a place to crash, let me know! since my phone is dead. either way, be at Slick Willies on saturday morning for the ride out! leaves at noonish!

The Lil Misfit 13 said...

The pic is great of Lon rollin down the road.. LOVE IT. I think now its a million and one miles though HAHA